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Chemical Transport

The core element in our business from which all other activities grew. Our fleet is upgraded year on year to ensure our customers and drivers are able to benefit from the latest safety enhancements, whilst the company can continue to offer maximum payload generating the most effective “£'s per tonne” delivery cost.

The current tanker fleet stands at about seventy tankers; these are predominantly single compartment, baffled, insulated general purpose (GP) tankers, with some non-insulated (high payload) tankers and also a few multi-compartment tankers. The road tankers comprise a very modern and up-to-date fleet that is constantly expanded and upgraded.
The vehicle fleet is made up of a combination of Scania and Volvo tractor units which have been selected for their proven performance and excellent reputation. Even our oldest vehicles meet the newest Euro 6 emissions standard, whilst our 2022 onward vehicles are also capable of running on alternative fuels, such as HVO..

All our vehicles have seat belts fitted and operate on "road friendly" air suspension to take advantage of higher operating weights. The vehicles have a range of discharge equipment tailored to a combination of normal duty, flexibility and payload delivery. We are able to offer either tanker pump or vehicle compressor delivery.

Our current fleet stands at about fifty vehicles, all capable of operating at up to forty four tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) in our simple but clean livery and can be seen on the roads throughout the UK.

All vehicles benefit from live tracking so we can monitor progress without the need to pick up the telephone, an important safety benefit in the busy, modern world. We have some customers whose order process is maintained by us through electronic data links and all proof of delivery documentation is scanned once it is returned and processed, making it promptly available to customers when required. This forms part of our commitment to assist our customers in the straightforward management of all aspects of the order process.  

We have multiple in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors. This industry-recognised qualification provides comfort to both staff and customers that relevant expertise is on hand. DGSA services can be provided to third parties on a consultancy basis. 

Key Benefits

  • Modern, up-to-date fleet.
  • Full width walkway & four handrails, with brake interlock fitted to every tank.
  • Reflective name badges and conspicuity tape fitted to all tankers, to minimise risk of night time incidents.
  • ALL new equipment designed with extra safety features, such as disc brakes. 
  • Tanker capacity of up to 42,000 litres, giving payload of up to 29 tonnes.
  • 24 hour operation, 365 days per year. 
  • Established base of blue chip customers for references.
  • Dedicated team specialising in delivering "Customer Focus" & safe performance. 
  • In-house DGSAs available for technical advice. 
  • In-house Emergency Response Equipment and trained personnel. 
  • Several safety innovations such as "In-Cab Emergency Card". 
  • Excellent IT systems providing customers with custom KPI reporting. 


  • UK national delivery of chemical bulk liquid from any collection point. 
  • For international transport please contact our sister company HOYER. (Since 1997, Hoyer hold a 30% shareholding in Dennis Dixon Ltd and we enjoy a good working relationship with them.)

GPS tracking

100% of the fleet is fully GPS tracked, offering:

  • Security
  • Immediate location & accurate estimated time of arrival
  • Route history (“snail trail” with speeds along route)
  • Overlaid to satellite maps
    • For example, this can be used to provide confirmation of arrival & departure times at sites
    • We can even tell where a vehicle is on a site (at the weighbridge, loading point, holding area, etc).

We do not display live data for security reasons, but if you contact the traffic office they can inform you of any status.

Anatomy of a roadtanker